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Джеф Голдблум – стилен на 60

After stealing scenes in Jurassic Park, Independence Day and Grand Budapest Hotel, MCU’s most flamboyant villain is showing that style and class isn’t just a thing for hipsters or fashionistas but maturing gentlemen

Stylish at 65, Jeff Goldblum is Proof that Age Really is Just a Number

Men’s fashion can be a mine-field for the middle aged but Goldblum appears to be navigating no-(straight)-man’s land with such aplomb that it’s not difficult to gain grudging admiration for the gentlemen. The best part? There’s no defining Jeff Goldblum’s style – he’s not exactly a rakish “suits man”, he’s not exactly preppy either, whatever Goldblum’s style is, it is representative of the man’s conversational cadence (or lack thereof) and a head nod to his passion for jazz and the vocal stylings of scat.

Wealthy by most standards, Goldblum’s wardrobe is not even a who’s who of designer labels; his most recognisable accessories are black acetate Tom Ford glasses (and the occasional Jacques Marie Mage), a myriad of Chrome Heart rings – at times dressing 9 out of 10 fingers, and unlike most elite-society dilettantes (a group he might appear to be part of but as conversations with late night hosts like Conan will disprove the notion), he owns but one luxury timepiece – a Tank Louis Cartier – he’s part of Hollywood but not exactly ‘of it’.

Jeff Goldblum loves jazz, so if he looks like he is channelling Chet Baker with his two-tone brogues (also known as ‘spectators’), it might not be intentional, so much as subconsciously inspired. He’s worn suits, he’s worn blazers but regardless of what he dons, it’s never ordinary, it’s always effortlessly flamboyant without tilting into the realm of garish caricature. He’s stylish without trying to be fashionable. Jeff Goldblum is dressy without being dressed up.

Stealing the stage at GQ Magazine’s Men of the Year Awards with a skinny tie, and a gold lamé blazer, Goldblum’s ensemble was once more topped off at the 2019 Vanity Fair Oscar Party with a shiny on shiny assemblage of the world’s most glittery garments – blazer, shirt and turtle neck with the glint of a million stars – fashion insanity in the hands of anyone not Jeff Goldblum. From his many Hawaiian shirts to his eclectic choice of wardrobe, Conan O’Brien was right – there can only be one Jeff Goldblum but he’s also case in point that when it comes to style, age really is just a number.

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